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How many of you are tutoring on the side while teaching in Korea, Japan, China, or other Asian countries? For extra fun English practice, get them check out High School Diploma which allows students to take the whole Dalloway course for free.

Online TEFL Certificate

You can now get your TEFL certificate online.

A TEFL certificate is a must have if you want to teach English in Asia.
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Get Started Teaching English in Asia

You've just graduated and want to travel for a while before you get started with your first 'real' job. You are in school and just too bored to finish. You have been working for a few years and want to try something new in a new country. Or you enjoy teaching and really want to give overseas teaching a try.

Where ever you fit on this scale you need to know a few things before getting started.

First - What is your Goal?

How to Stay Professional as an English Teacher

Teaching English overseas is a lot of fun but it's also important to remember stay professional in your work environment. Behaving professionally doesn't mean not having a good time at work, it simple means following common sense in dress and behavior.


7 Easy Tips to Better Communitation with Your Students

As native English speakers, it is easy to forget or not understand how difficult English is to learn as a foreign language. The following simple tips will help you communicate better with your students making your job easier, their studies easier and help you to teach more effectively and efficiently.


How to Expedite an FBI Check to Teach English in Korea

"How can I expedite an FBI background check?"

This is a common question for people looking to teach English in Korea as FBI checks take anywhere from 6-12 weeks to process, and many people need to start a teaching job ASAP. We've spoken with several people, and this is how they were able to expedite the process.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Teaching Abroad

It occurred to me that some people may go to teach abroad and assume that just because they are in another country that amazing things are going to happen to them. In some cases this may be true, if you lie low and don’t do much, it will probably still be a great experience.

Photo of River Kwai, Thailand © permanently scatterbrained

5 Most Challenging Problems I Faced Teaching English

Teaching English overseas is an incredible and rewarding experience, an experience that also comes with challenges along with the rewards.

Photo of English Students in Seoul, South Korea
Photo of English Students, Seoul South Korea © knittymarie

25 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Teach English Abroad

While many countries have a shortage of jobs, English teachers in Asia are still in high demand. Here are 25 reasons why right now is a great time to teach English in Asia.

Photo of English Students, South Korea
Photo of English Students, South Korea © Kai Hendry

Interview with Eat Your Kimchi is one of the most entertaining blogs online. Its quirky creators Simon and Martina moved to Korea to teach English for a year and started the website as a side project. Three years later, they are still living in Korea and continue to blog about their love of Korea, K pop, cultural differences, food mishaps and a whole host of other topics with the world. They recently shared with us some great tips and advice about living and working in Korea.

Photo of Simon and Martina from
Photo of Simon and Martina from © Eat Your Kimchi

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