Water Lilies

Here are some Valentines Day flower pictures – Asian style. I think most are water lilies but some might be lotus flowers. Let us know what is what in the comments if you know the difference.

Here is a beautiful pink water lily:

Beautiful pink water lily

A pretty purple one:

Beautiful purple water lily

A purple water lily in Beijing:

Beijing purple water lily

I think this pink flower by a lily pad is a lotus:

Purple lotus flower on a lily pad

Here is a white flower with pink trim…another lotus I think:

White lotus flower with pink trim

This pink one is a water lily:

Pink water lily in a pond

Here are some great water lilies and lotus flowers together:

Pink lily lotus blossoms

A purple lotus flower on a black background:

Purple lotus flower

Here is a beautiful shot of a purple/pink water lily beginning to flower:

Purple water lily flowering

Purple and while water lily on a lily pad:

Purple and yellow water lily

White water lily with reflection:

White water lily

White water lilies in a turquoise blue pond:

White and yellow water lilies on a blue pond

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