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Asian Water Lilies and Lotus Flowers

By I - Posted on 30 January 2008

Here are some Valentines Day flower pictures - Asian style. I think most are water lilies but some might be lotus flowers. Let us know what is what in the comments if you know the difference.

Here is a beautiful pink water lily:

Beautiful pink water lily

A pretty purple one:

Beautiful purple water lily

A purple water lily in Beijing:

Beijing purple water lily

I think this pink flower by a lily pad is a lotus:

Purple lotus flower on a lily pad

Here is a white flower with pink trim...another lotus I think:

White lotus flower with pink trim

This pink one is a water lily:

Pink water lily in a pond

Here are some great water lilies and lotus flowers together:

Pink lily lotus blossoms

A purple lotus flower on a black background:

Purple lotus flower

Here is a beautiful shot of a purple/pink water lily beginning to flower:

Purple water lily flowering

Purple and while water lily on a lily pad:

Purple and yellow water lily

White water lily with reflection:

White water lily

White water lilies in a turquoise blue pond:

White and yellow water lilies on a blue pond

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These flower pics are beautiful!

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they indeed are; i wonder if you could order some direct from asia? i'm assuming these pics are your own.

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I believe they are all waterlilies except for the 5th and 7th pictures which are definately lotus. The 8th, 2nd, 3rd, and possibly the 4th are tropical lilies. The rest of which are hardy (cold tolerant) waterlilies. Great pictures by the way. Thanks for sharing.

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Those are really nice photo. I love lotus flowers.

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Well, gorgeous pics, lotus is just amazing flower, it's beauty is eternal it's always a real pleasure to watch it. I like rose also, it's gorgeous too.

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I love the one with the reflection

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your photos are quite incredible. I'm a Buddhist monk teaching Dharma in Melbourne, and I've been looking for some images of lotuses so that I can produce one as an A2 poster and hang on the wall behind me when i teach. Would it be possible to use one of your images? It would only be used by me, and should others be interested in using it I would direct them on to you,

Kind regards,

Kelsang Dawa

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Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

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these pics are sooooo adorable and beautiful... i love water lilies cuz my name z lily .......

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art is a making explain of life work if can see. nature can show life and mainly the valuety of it.

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Hey! these pictures are absolutely stunning; I really love the one with the reflection....
what kind of camera(s) was/were used?

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beautiful pictures !
i was wondering if i can use some of your images of lotuses to make a card with dharma words. it will be distributed to our center members who practice meditation. if you give me an email i will send to show you how i'd like to use your photoes and i can give you our websit address to see.
thank you for sharing beautiful images. Happy holidays !

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Wow...wonderfull lotus i love it

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I really like your pictures. I will use them as media in teaching English. Thanks so much

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it will be distributed to our center members who practice meditation. if you give me an email i will send to show you how i'd like to use your photos and i can give you our websit address to see.Its a nice English learning site.

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my name is also lily :)
but i like lilys for their beauty not for the name

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these piccys are totals stunning and sexy and i think piccy one could be a facebook PROFILE PICCY!

laving it


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Yep, 5 and 7 are lotus, you can tell by the seed pod. I have afondness for lotus, as my daughter's name is Lian, lotus in Chinese.
Jennifer W

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Thank you for clarifying that!

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what beautiful lotus photos!

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Hi doygan,for beautiful lotus images go here, there you can download any pictures you like.good luck.

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i have a fish pond at home on sunday morning i had a lilly open up and by 3pm it closed up can you tell wy that happen and will it open up again

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these flowers are beautiful. i love them

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Hi. I like your blog. well done!

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I really like lilies
they are beautiful
they smell good

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I have an image of some lily pads with one water lily.

If you can use it, send me an e-mail and I will attach the image.

Lou Shornick, Madison, MS

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nice pics

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The flower with the black background is nice,. but they are all pretty

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Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! God gave you all that beauty to work with!

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Thanks to the admin for providing such a great awesome pics.



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Great...Amazing and attractive flower.Thanks for the post.

Great work

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heey Dev, what's kicking? My horse thinks your ba bomb.

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this pic is as sweet as me

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these pics are as beautiful as me

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If you really are that sweet and beautiful, I'd enjoy gazing at your picture, too.

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The last picture is definitely a pool with plastic flowers. It's so obvious lol.

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I have never seen beautiful lotus flowers like this before. Lotus in many colours look so fine.

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I'd like to print your photos and hang them in my house. Is there anyway you can email me your original files? are you selling these photos? I want to put them near my altar where I meditate.... there is a great sense of peace when I look at your photos and your composition is perfection.
let me know,


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something is wrong with you!!!!! :D

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i think you are beautiful!!! <3

i love you

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i am not talking about myself and i dont know abou to english please learn the inglish


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Great Picture, thank you for share

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Nice post, thanks a lot for the share.

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Hey its very nice flowers I love it..Thanks for sharing.

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Very nice pictures share by you.nice to watch.different colors shows the different identity of the flowers.i want to say that about the water is we have to used water carefully because the water sources are limited and because of pollution the rain fall is decreases so we have to used it carefully and we have increase the reused of water.

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These are beautiful!! Water lilies refers to any aquatic plant with lily pads. Lotus are a class of water lilies :)