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10 Year Old Genius Enters College

This post is not exactly about Asia, per say, though the person in question has a mother has a Chinese name. The story is just too amazing not to write about.

Okinawa Hostels

My brother came to visit me in Okinawa and we looked at several hostels in Naha, Chatan, Okinawa City, and Yomitan. They are usually called ドミトリー 'dormitory' or ゲストハウス 'guest house' in Japanese and have become very popular with young tourists from the Japanese mainland who visit Okinawa.

Travel to Guilin, China

I travled to Guilin with my girlfriend over the Chinese national holiday in October. I have a bunch of pictures that I will add when I have time.

TEFL & TESOL Certificates

TEFL or TESOL certificate courses in London, England, Madrid/Barcelona Spain, Prague, Costa Rica, and even Atlanta, Georgia are very popular. However, the most popular choice by far is doing a certification program online.

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