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Why teach English in Vietnam?

English is a popular language and widely spoken across the world. In fact, this is one language that is most understood. It is no surprise to see English gaining popularity, and there is a steady rise in the member of…

Pros and Cons Essay: Common Mistakes To Avoid

If you have never written a pros and cons essay, this task may be rather challenging. After all, to examine the given topic from different perspectives is not that easy, not to mention that it requires time and good critical…

Best Teaching English Abroad Programs

Teaching is one of the best and only ways to make a real difference in the lives of people and education is the key to many things. What’s more, the English language is the national language in many countries. Teaching

List of International Schools in Japan

Here you will find a directory of international schools in Japan listed in alphabetical order. When possible, we have included information about the school such as location, when it was founded, student body, qualifications, salary, and benefits. There will also…