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Building Block Stories

By I - Posted on 22 October 2007

ESL/EFL Game Profile

Name of Game: 
Building Block Stories
Target Students: 
Middle School
Target Students: 
High School
Target Students: 
Target Students: 
20-40 minutes
Number of Students: 
Groups of 2-5
English Skills: 
English Skills: 
Use colored blocks to develop sentence creation skills and review N, V, & Adj



  1. Get different colored building blocks or make different colored cards
  2. On each green block or card, tape a noun
  3. On each blue block or card, tape an adjective
  4. On each yellow block or card, tape a verb


  1. Review meaning of verbs, nouns, and adjectives from list on board
  2. Break class into teach of 2-5 students
  3. Give a set of green, blue, and yellow blocks to each team
  4. Have each team select 2 blocks of each color
  5. Teams use the words on the block to make one or two sentences


  • Have students make the sentences as a team
  • Have students make the sentences as individuals
  • Have the sentences tell a short story
    • 'When the little old king saw the monster, he danced and ran as fast as he could.'
  • Have the groups select their best story to read to the class


Very bright students will become bored with only six blocks so go ahead and let them use and many as they like. Just sit back and watch as kingdoms rise and fall in the course of one English class.

A big thanks to Joanne for this EFL/ESL game!