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Sentence Jumble

By I - Posted on 22 October 2007

ESL/EFL Game Profile

Name of Game: 
Sentence Jumble
Target Students: 
Elementary School
Target Students: 
Middle School
30-45 minutes
Number of Students: 
English Skills: 
English Skills: 
English Skills: 
English Skills: 
Review sentence structures and verb tenses



  1. Make a series of sentences, three more than the number of teams in your class
  2. Print the sentences in large text
  3. Cut each sentence into separate words
  4. Put each sentence into its separate envelopes
  5. Number each envelope with a marker


  1. Diving the class into pairs or small groups
  2. Give each team one envelope
  3. Students arrange the words into a correct sentence, copy it into their notebooks, and put words back into envelope
  4. When finished, students say the sentence, show their notebooks, and bring their envelope to the teacher
  5. If sentence is not correct, they go back and fix the error
  6. If sentence is correct, they can swap their envelope for a new one with a different sentence
  7. The first team to unscramble all of the sentences is the winner


  • Use easy sentences for less advanced students
  • Use more complex sentences for more advanced students


This game is a sure success with any level or age group


A big thanks to Brian for this ESL/EFL game!

anu's picture

thank you for this wonderful way of teaching students to make correct worked well it infused fun,learning and healthy competition in the class of adult learners!!!

Firdaus Putra's picture

I am a practical teacher in Malaysia. I used this game during my graded observation by my lecturer and she said the lesson plan was brilliant and excellent! thank u so much! ;)

BB's picture

Thank you Brian! I've had success with both my elementary and middle school students. It's amazing to see how excited they get about learning when I disguise it in a game. Thanks again Brian!

dawong's picture

i am a practical teacher in typical malaysian classroom(crowded and rowdy students)
i like to try this game for my Subject verb Agreement lesson.