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Korean Elementary School Lesson Plans and Activities

By I - Posted on 05 November 2006

Many teachers use the Elementary School English textbooks for their classes. Click on the appropriate grade to post your lesson plans and find ones you need.

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I advise everybody using these books to seize any spare cards that students leave lying around the classroom and keep them in an easy-to-access place.  I have a great big pile in a shoebox on my desk.  Then, when the lesson is not working or maybe the brain is not working, you can grab the cards, and ask questions about them- "Do you like pizza?" "What's she doing?".  Maybe it's the fact that they're small and kids have to really squiz to see the cards but whenever I do this students become really focused.  It gives me an important five minutes to flick through the textbook with my right hand while my left hand holds the cards and prepare the next activity.